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What We Do

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Inspired Wedding Florals

Photo by: Jaime Vester Photography

Photo by: Jaime Vester Photography


Our Inspiration Comes From You.

Your style. Your vision. Your wedding.

That’s where our process starts. Our collaboration with our couples is the hallmark of our process to ensure each bloom supports the exact look and feeling each couple wants for their wedding.

Every Wedding is Unique.

We are One of a Kind Events for a reason.

What you won’t see here is two weddings that look the same. Or duplication of others’ work. We take the time to design each piece to fit within the total aesthetic of the wedding.

Photo by: The Siners Photography

Photo by: The Siners Photography

 Ready to get started?

A one-on-one-consultation to customize your wedding flowers is just a click away.



Photo by: Allison Tylek Photography

Photo by: Allison Tylek Photography


Celebrations of All Love.

This Business Serves Everyone.

Do you know what flowers could care less about? The gender of the engaged couple. We believe your wedding vendors should follow that lead. As long as you are in love, we’ve got the perfect wedding florals waiting for you.

Weddings as Unique as You.

Weddings are Defined by Individuals, Not Gender.

Because we create inspired wedding flowers based on the couples and their vision, our LGBTQ weddings are diverse as the population we serve (which is everybody). So if you are looking for a bespoke wedding that reflects you and your partners’ style, we’ve got your back.

Photo by: Cedar and Pine Photography

Photo by: Cedar and Pine Photography

 Let’s Chat.

We’d love to sit down and talk about the perfect look for your wedding today!


Corporate Events

Photo by: B&E Photography

Photo by: B&E Photography


Flowers Make the Event.

Lend credibility to your next event with fresh floral decor.

Well-designed centerpieces and florals create the ambiance that lends credibility to any host business.

Contact us for how we can help you take your next corporate event from “meh” to “WOW”!


Ready to take your corporate event up a notch?

Schedule a time to talk to us about how flowers can create the extra something you need for your next event.

Photo by: Danielle Harris Photography

Photo by: Danielle Harris Photography


Dedicated Month-Of Coordination

Photo by: The Siners Photography

Photo by: The Siners Photography


Relieve Your Stress

We’re better than a mani/pedi!

With all the moving pieces, wedding days can be stressful—but they don’t have to be. Our experienced coordinators take on the stress of orchestrating one of the most significant events of your life, so you don’t have to. So let us make sure the decor is perfect, the DJ has a proper setup, the cake arrives in time for your florist, the caterer has everything they need, the placesettings are ready, your guests get to their seats on time, wrangle everyone in the wedding party to their cues on time, . . . . . .

Covert Troubleshooting

Finding solutions to create your seamless wedding.

Let’s face it, no one wants to think about problems popping up the day of their wedding. But, here’s the ugly truth—no matter how prepared you are, small issues are likely to rear their ugly heads that day. Planning a wedding outside, and wake up to rain clouds? Caterer set up too many placesettings at certain tables but not enough at others? Having sound issues at the ceremony site? Hair and makeup take a little too long and now pictures are starting late? Without a coordinator, these issues have to be resolved by one person and one person only—you. If you prefer to be the couple of honor the day of your wedding, let us take over the production!

Photo by: Erika Brown Photography

Photo by: Erika Brown Photography

 Looking for a more relaxed wedding day?

Schedule a time to talk to our coordinators and learn more about how that can be a reality for you!

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